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Ten-Acre Wines Ltd is an independent wine merchant specialising in everyday value from around the world, en primeur and fine wines. We find exciting new, hand-picked wines which offer the sort of quality and value not easily found elsewhere.

The Great Frost of 2021

It took just three days, from the evening of 5 April until the morning of the 8th, for a blast of Arctic air to plunge temperatures to unseasonal sub-zero levels, freezing vines and fruit trees across France (even reaching Tuscany in Italy) in one of the worst episodes of its kind on record. Certainly much […]

2019 Burgundy

After a brief visit to Burgundy pre-Christmas and, more recently, looking at sample bottlings very kindly sent to me, but mainly through impressions gained from a few winemakers themselves, it is clear that 2019 is an exceptional red vintage. Although the wines are concentrated with alcohol levels relatively high, the wines taste neither heavy nor […]