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Ten-Acre Wines Ltd is an independent wine merchant specialising in everyday value from around the world, en primeur and fine wines. We find exciting new, hand-picked wines which offer the sort of quality and value not easily found elsewhere.

Ettore Germano, Serralunga d’Alba – outsanding new releases.

Ettore Germano, Serraunga d’Alba, Piemonte. I first visited Sergio Germano two decades ago when he was a (even more) youthful, ambitious and, clearly, highly skilled winemaker. Some of his wines were already excellent, others were still finding their feet but the potential was obvious. Since then, I have made another couple of visits and followed […]

Frozza – Essence of prosecco. New Still Wine

Azienda Agricola Frozza, Colbertaldo di Vidor Life used to be much simpler – Prosecco was a grape, of full flavour, widely grown, but which in the area of Conegliano Valdobbiadene gave its name to a rather delicate and refined wine, either still or sparkling. Pick up a bottle of Prosecco and you knew pretty much […]

Borgo del Tiglio, Cormons, Friuli

Although it is more than 20 years since my first visit to Nicola Manferrari’s cellars, it still remains fresh in my memory, not just because of the location but because it was one of those winery visits that made me completely re-evaluate what a region is capable of. That Borgo del Tiglio has, since those […]

Rocca Di Montegrossi – New Releases

Life always seems better when I have some of Marco Ricasoli’s wines to hand. They are never less than  good, usually exceptional, always go well with a meal and I never tire of going back to them. Top-quality Chianti has a delicacy and finesse that one finds nowhere else at a comparable price, as well as […]

2020 Red Bordeaux Vintage Report

There is no doubt that 2020 will long live in the collective memory of the Bordelais. Over the course of the year, the weather threw just about everything it had at the vines, forcing vignerons to make choices at almost every stage of the growing season, and all of this against the backdrop of Covid-19, […]

The Great Frost of 2021

It took just three days, from the evening of 5 April until the morning of the 8th, for a blast of Arctic air to plunge temperatures to unseasonal sub-zero levels, freezing vines and fruit trees across France (even reaching Tuscany in Italy) in one of the worst episodes of its kind on record. Certainly much […]

2019 Burgundy

After a brief visit to Burgundy pre-Christmas and, more recently, looking at sample bottlings very kindly sent to me, but mainly through impressions gained from a few winemakers themselves, it is clear that 2019 is an exceptional red vintage. Although the wines are concentrated with alcohol levels relatively high, the wines taste neither heavy nor […]